DVD $ 100.00
DVD $ 100.00
Quinn Martin production
in association with:
Twentieth Century-Fox Television (William Self)
ABC (Fridays 9:30 pm, season 1, 1964-65)
ABC (Mondays 7:30 pm, season 2, 1965-66)
ABC (Fridays 10:00 pm, season 3, 1966-67)

Based on the novel by Beirne Lay, Jr. & Sy Bartlett
& the 1949 motion picture of the same title starring
Gregory Peck, Hugh Marlowe, and Gary Merrill.
Produced by Frank Glicksman (season 1)(1964-65)
Produced by William D. Gordon (seasons 2-3)(1965-67)

US WWII adventure series 1964-67 78 episodes
(last 17 in color)
(3 seasons)
Robert Lansing as Brigadier General Frank Savage (1964-1965)(eps 1-31)
John Larkin as Major General Wiley Crowe (1964-1965)
Frank Overton as Major Harvey Stovall (1964-1967)
Lew Gallo as Major Joe Cobb (1964-1965)
Barney Phillips as Major ("Doc") Kaiser (1964-1967)
Paul Burke as Captain/Major/Colonel Joe Gallagher (1964-1967)
Chris Robinson as Tech. Sgt. Alexander "Sandy" Komansky (1965-1967)
Andrew Duggan as Brigadier General Ed Britt (1965-1967)

Paul Newlan as Lt.Gen. Bill Pritchard (recurring)
Robert Dornan as Capt. Bob Fowler/ Gallagher's Co-Pilot (recurring)
Set 1  ....Episodes in broadcast order
Disc 1: promos;Golden boy had nine black sheep; follow the leader (pilot); the men and the boys; the sound of distant thunder ; the climate of doubt
Disc 2: pressure point; decision; the hours before dawn;APPOINTMENT AT LEIGE; INTERLUDE
Disc 3: here's to courageous cowards; soldiers sometimes kill ; the suspected; an act of war; those who are about to die
Disc 4: in search of my enemy; the albatross; the lorelei; faith, hope and sgt aronson;  to heinie, with love
Disc 5: the clash; the ticket; the trap; the end of the line; the threat
Disc 6: mutiny at ten thousand feet; the mission; the cry of fallen birds; v for vendetta; pow (1);
Disc 7:pow (2); the hero;the loneliest place in the world; rx for a sick bird; then came the mighty hunter;
Disc 8: the idolator; big brother; the hotshot; show me a hero,i'll show you a bum;; runaway in the dark
Set 2 ....Episodes in broadcast order
Disc 9: Iam the enemy; grant me no favor;storm at twilight; we're not coming back ;the jones boys
Disc 10: between the lines;; target 802;
falling star ;the slaughter pen; ; underground;
Disc 11: which way the wind blows; the outsider; back to the drawing board; 25th mission;  the survivor;
Disc 12: angel babe; decoy; the hollow man; cross-hairs on death; day of reckoning;
Disc 13: siren voices;gauntltet of fire;  massacre ;face of a shadow;
Disc 14:  fortress weisbaden;  a distant cry; practice to deceive; the all american;  the pariah;
Disc 15: the fighter pilot; to seek and destroy; burden of guilt, the ace ;six feet under;
Disc 16: the duel at mont sainte marie; graveyard; a long time dead;  the hunters and the killers

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