. When Jim Allen (Gladden James )believes Dare to be responsible for his father's ruin, he avoids the man's daughter, Marjorie (Shearer). But Marjorie is in love with Jim and she tracks him down to a cabin in the mountains. Stewart Leighton (Richard Neill) is also there. Leighton takes her in, but his polite demeanor is a ruse and he tries to attack her. She's saved only by the intervention of a bearded stranger -- who turns out to be Jim's father. The truth finally comes out and the young couple are united.
directed by Austin O. Huhn
1923  b&w
Norma Shearer ...  Marjorie Dare
Gladden James ...  Jim Allen
Yvonne Logan ...  Smiles
Richard Neill ...  Stewart Leighton
Charles Miller ...  Sam Slocum
Frederick Eckhart ...  Ben Tangleface
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