US Adventure series 1971
2 hr pilot + 13 episodes
60 min color
Rod Taylor as Hank Brackett
Dennis Cole as Johnny Reach
DVD   $34.00
DVD   $34.00
Filmways Production
CBS (Thursdays 8:00pm EST)
Created by  &  Executive Producer Douglas Hayes
'Bearcats' debuted on CBS, September 16, 1971, Thursday nights at 8:00, but lasted only until December 30 1971.
Rod Taylor played Hank Brackett and
Dennis Cole portrayed Johnny Reach,
two troubleshooters
prowling the Southwest in their Stutz Bearcat car, circa 1914.
Episodes in broadcast order:
Disc 1: Pilot--Powderkeg;
1).The Devil Wears Armor
Disc 2: 2.)Ground Loop at Spanish Wells; 3.) Dos Gringos;4.) The Feathered Serpent; 5.)Hostages
Disc 3: 6.) Conqueror's Gold; 7.) Blood Knot; 8.) Assault on San Saba;9.) Bitter Flats
Disc 4: 10.) Medical Merceranies; 11.) The Big Gun; 12.) Return to Estaban; 13.) Man in a Cage
Overseas  $69.00
Overseas  $69.00
Canada   $54.00
Canada   $54.00