Bourbon Street Beat
"reunion" 6/27/60  episode # 38
This series was produced by Warner Bros and was aired on ABC on Mondays at  8:30 to 9:30 EST. it ran from 1959-1960. there were 39 shows in all. 60 min each.
The series starred Andrew Duggan, Richard Long, Arlene Howell and Van Williams.
plot: Cal searches for a teenage girl who fled school to find her missing father.
from 16mm 60 min
Johnny Midnight
"Voice of the dummy" 1/9/60  e[pisode #2
starring Edmond O'Brien in the title role. This was a syndicated series produced by Revue Studios. It usually aired on Tuesdays on WRCA  NBC TV at 10:30 pm est.  There were 39  half hour shows.
plot: A ventriloquist's dummy is Midnight's only clue to the unidentified victim of a drowning.
From 16mm   30 min
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