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Colonel March of Scotland Yard is based on the character created by John Dickson Carr under the pen name
Carter Dickson
The series was filmed at Southhall Studios, Middlesex England.
1952 (episodes 1-3):-
Criterion Films
1954 (episodes 4-26):-
Fountain Films Production
Sep 1954 to: Apr 1957
26 eps ABC/ITV 30 min
This 2 Disc set contains all 26 episodes in broadcast order
1. The Sorcerer
2.  Present Tense
3.  At Night All Cats Are Grey
4. The Abominable Snowman  
5. The Headless Hat
6. The Second Mona Lisa
7. Death in Inner Space
8.   The Talking Head
  9. The Devil Sells His Soul
10. Murder Is Permanent
11. The Silent Vow
12. Death and the Other Monkey
13. The Stolen Crime
  14.  The SIlver Curtain
  15.  Error at Daybreak
16.   Hot Money
17.  The Missing Link
  18.  The Misguided Missal
  19.  The Deadly Gift
20. The Case of the Lively Ghost
21.  Death in the Dressing Room
   22. The New Invisible Man
23. Passage at Arms
24. The Invisible Knife
25. The Case of the Kidnapped Poodle
26.  Strange Event at Roman Fall
Boris Karloff as Colonel Perceval March
with Ewan Roberts as Inspector Ames
(except episodes featuring Eric Pohlmann as Insp. Goron)

Recurring cast:
Eric Pohlmann as Inspector Goron of the Paris Surete (1954)
(featured in "Passage At Arms" "The Headless Cat" "The Silent Vow" "The Silver Curtain"
he also appeared in a different role in "The Second Mona Lisa")
stories based on
'The Department of Queer Complaints'
by Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
published in 1940.

The series starred Boris Karloff as the urbane, eye-patched sleuth
Colonel March, whose mystery-solving ranged from the unnatural to the
The first 3 episodes were featured in the 1953
compilation film "Colonel March Investigates"
Criterion Films
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