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DVD  $25.00
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VHS  $30.00
Columbia                 1948           15 Chapters
Directed by  Spencer Gordon Bennet
and Thomas Carr
Congo Bill searches Africa following rumours of a "White Goddess" and for an heiress, missing since her plane crashed in the wilderness. However, Bernie McGraw, the man who stands to inherit everything if Bill fails, is out to stop him.
Don McGuire
Cleo Moore
Jack Ingram
I.Stanford Jolley
Leonard Penn
Charles King
Nelson Leigh
Chapter titles
  1. The Untamed Beast
  2. Jungle Gold
  3. A Hot Reception
  4. Congo Bill Springs a Trap
  5. White Shadows in the Jungle
  6. The White Queen
  7. Black Panther
  8. Sinister Schemes
  9. The Witch Doctor Strikes
  10. Trail of Treachery
  11. A Desperate Chance
  12. The Lair of the Beast
  13. Menace of the Jungle
  14. Treasure Map
  15. The Missing Letter
This serial comes on 3 Discs