In the heart of Africa, naval intelligence officer Kirk (Don Terry) searches for a rare metal vital to the war effort (just why it's vital is never thoroughly explained). He is aided in his quest by missionary Ann Montgomery (Ona Munson) and by dishevelled "bwana" Congo Jack (Stu Erwin). Alas, a couple of minions of the Third Reich are also after the elusive metal, and they're not above committing murder to get what they want. The most novel aspect of Drums of the Congo is the casting of likeable, fresh-faced Universal ingenue Peggy Moran as one of the villains. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
from 16mm film transfer
directed by christy cabanne
1942  b&w  61 min
Ona Munson ...  Dr. Ann Montgomery
Stuart Erwin ...  Congo Jack
Peggy Moran ...  Enid Waldron
Don Terry ...  Captain Kirk Armstrong
Richard Lane ...  Coutlass
Jules Bledsoe ...  Kalu
Turhan Bey ...  Juma, Henchman
Dorothy Dandridge ...  Princess Malimi
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DVD OR VHS  $17.50
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