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This is the complete Ellery Queen movie series from 1935 to 1942. The series started in 1935 w/Donald Cook produced by  Republic Pictures. In 1937 comic Eddie Quillan took the role. Then in 1940 Columbia produced a series of 7 films. Ralph Bellamy starred in the first 4 and William Gargan in the last 3. These are rarely seen and hard to find films. All copies are from 16mm film transfer.

Films in the series:
Disc 1: Spanish Cape Mystery '35 w/Donald Cook
Disc 2: Mandarin Mystery '37 w/ Eddie Quillan
Disc 3: Ellery Queen, Master Detective '40 w/ Ralph Bellamy
Disc 4: E Q's Penthouse Mystery '41 w/ R.  Bellamy
Disc 5: Perfect Crime '41 w/ R. Bellamy
Disc 6: Murder Ring '41 w/ R. Bellamy
Disc 7: Close Call for EQ '42 w/ William Gargan
Disc 8: Desperate Chance for EQ '42w/ Wm Gargan
Disc 9: Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen '42 w/Wm Gargan

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DVD $65.00
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CANADA $80.00