Part of the series of Universal B-musicals teaming Martha O'Driscoll and Noah Beery Jr., this film is also a remake of the 1937 comedy Love in a Bungalow. Patty Callahan (O'Driscoll) offers residence in a model home to soldier Jeff (Beery) and soon falls in love with him. Although the pair are unmarried, they enter a marital contest intended to celebrate the "Happiest G.I. Couple." Winning the contest brings on all sorts of farcical troubles until the couple are able to be
from 16mm film transfer
Directed by Leslie Goodwins
1944 b&w  68 min
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DVD $17.50
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Martha O'Driscoll
Noah Beery Jr.
Walter Catlett
Hattie McDaniel
Tim Ryan
Florence Lake
Edna May Wonacott
Grady Sutton
Virginia Sale