Tarzan: The Epic Adventures is a syndicated series that aired for one season (Aug. 1996– May 1997).
It focusses on the character of Tarzan in his early years, after his first exposure to civilization, but before his marriage to Jane Porter. The series uses much of the mythology of Edgar Rice Burroughs' books as background material.

Joe Lara as Tarzan/John Clayton
Aaron Seville as Timba
Lydie Denier as Olga de Coude
Andrew Divoff as Nicholai Rokoff
Dennis Christopher as Paul D’Arnot
Ralph Wilcox as Mugambi

A very rare and hard to find series.
These were Taken from VHS broadcast transfers
Quality ranges from 7.5 to 8.5 or better out of 10.

All episodes in color
Tarzan--The Epic Adventures 
Episodes in broadcast order
DISC 1: Pilot--Tarzan's Return
DISC 2: 1. Tarzan & Leopard Queen;
2. Tarzan & Lost Legion
DISC 3: 3. Tarzan & Scarlet Diamond;
4. Tarzan & Black Orchid
DISC 4: 5. Reflections in an  Evil Eye; 6. Priestess of  Opar
DISC 5: 7. Fury of the Zadu; 8. Revenge of the Zimpala
DISC 6: 9. Return of the Kukulcan; 10. Tarzan and the White Pebble
DISC 7: 11. Tarzan and the Moon God;
12. Tarzan and the Forbidden City
DISC 8: 13. The Leopard Demon;
14. The Demon Within
DISC 9: 15. Tarzan and the Mahars; 16. Tarzan and the Amtorans
DISC 10: 17. The Beast of Dunali;
18. Shadow of Anger
DISC 11: 19. Mystery of the Lake;
20. Tarzan and the Circus Hunter
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DVD ONLY $ 90.00
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Overseas  DVD  $125.00
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