In the New Mexico Territory of the 1880s, Apache born Marshal Buckhart was a unique individual. He had nursed back to health a calvalry captain who had been wounded in an Indian ambush. So grateful was the captain that upon his death, he financed young Buck Heart (as he was known to the Apache) in an education which culminated at Harvard.
Upon his return to his native New Mexico, he went to work for Marshal Morrison in Sante Fe. Buckheart brought a respect for both Indian and white cultures to the work.
Martha ran the boardinghouse where he lived and Tess was an orphan he rescued from a stagecoach accident.
10/10/1959 - 9/22/1960 NBC
Black and White - 30 minutes - 30 episodes
Law of the Plainsman
Michael Ansara as Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart
Robert Harland as Deputy Billy Lordan
Dayton Lummis as Marshal Andy Morrison
Gina Gillespie as Tess Logan
Nora Marlowe as Martha Commager

The character of Sam Buckhart first appeared in The Rifleman TV series in two different stories.
Those two are featured in this series on Disc One.
Law of the Plainsman 
        Complete Series on 10 Discs           
Episodes in broadcast order.
DISC 1: 1. The Indian; 2. The Raid
(These are the first two appearances of the character from the Rifleman TV series.)
DISC 2: 1.Prairie Incident; 2. Full Circle; 3. A Matter of Life and Death
DISC 3: 4. The Hostiles; 5. Passage to Mescalero; 6. Blood Trails 7. Desperate Decision
DISC 4: 8. Appointment in Santa Fe; 9. The Gibbet; 10. The Dude
DISC 5: 11. The Innocents; 12. Clear Title; 13. Toll Road
DISC 6: 14. Calculated Risk; 15. Fear; 16. Endurance
DISC 7: 17. The Comet; 18. The Rawhiders
DISC 8: 19. The Imposter; 20. Common Ground; 21. The Matriarch; 22. A Question of Courage
DISC 9: 23. Dangerous Barriers; 24. The Show-Off;
25. Rabbitt's Fang; 26.Stella
DISC 10: 27. Amnesty; 28. Jeb's Daughter; 
29. Cavern of the Wind; 30. Trojan Horse
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