Master stage magician Tony Blake, once wrongly imprisoned in South America, uses his wits and his magic skills to help others in need. Early in the series, he jetted around the country in his customized 707 (named the "Spirit") to help people wherever they were, complete with a white Corvette (license plate SPIRIT) loaded through a rear cargo ramp. Jerry Anderson acted as pilot of the Spirit and Tony's assistant. Tony was aided in his ventures by his close friend and confidante, columnist Max Pomeroy, and Max's son, Dennis.
In the second half of the season, Tony gave up his plane, making the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood -- a Mecca of sorts for magicians -- his home base.
     NBC Tuesday  9:00 PM
October 2, 1973 to May 20, 1974
                      Cast Members:
               Bill Bixby ............... Anthony Blake
               Jim Watkins .............. Jerry Wallace
         Keene Curtis ............. Max Pomeroy
            Todd Crespi .............. Dennis Pomeroy
  Joe Sirola ............... Dominick
This set features all 21 episodes plus the Pilot on 6 DVDS
Episode list in broadcast order:
DISC 1: The Magician (Pilot); 1)The Manhunters; 2) The Vanishing Lady
DISC 2: 3) Illusion inTerror; 4) Lightning on a Dry Day; 5)Ovation for Murder; 6) Man on Fire
DISC 3: 7) Lady in a Trap; 8) The Man Who Lost Himself;9) Nightmare in Steel; 10) Shattered Image
DISC 4: 11)The Illusion of The Curious Counterfeit Pt 1: 12)The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit Pt 2; 13)The Illusion of the Stainless Steel Lady; 14) The Illusion of the Queen's Gambit
DISC 5: 15)The Illusion of Black Gold; 16) The Illusion of the Lost Dragon; 17) The Illusion of the Deadly Conglomerate; 18)The Illsuion of the Fatal Arrow
DISC 6: 19) The Illusion of the Lethal Playthings; 20)The Illsuion of the Cat's Eye; 21) The Illusion of the Evil Spikes
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