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Four years after the 20th Century Fox run of Mike Shayne Movies, PRC revived the character in a series of their own. It consisted of five films and starred Hugh Beaumont as the famous gumshoe.
The first four were directed by Sam Newfield and the last by William Beaudine.Beaumont played the character in a somewhat different style than Llloyd Nolan in the Fox films. These were fast paced and well moving from PRC. Reportedly they were based on stories by Brett Haliday, Shayne's creator.

All movies are from 16mm film transfer
Disc 1: Murder is My Business 1946  64 min
disc 2: Larceny in Her Heart  1946  68 min
disc 3: Blonde for a Day  1946   67 min
disc 4: Three on a Ticket  1947   64 min
disc 5: Too Many Winners  1947  61 min


DVD $45.00
CANADA $57.50