Columbia                                    1945                            15 Chapters

Directed by  Howard Bretherton

At the Bainbridge Research Foundation, Professor Franklin Arnold (Ralph Morgan), unveils his creation, the Metalogen Man, a working robot, to Professor Ernst (George Macready) and three other scientist colleagues. Shortly afterwards, the three associates are killed by Thor (Ray Corrigan), a huge ape owned and  trained by Ernst. Then Arnold, his daughter Babs (Carole Mathews) and Ken Morgan (Robert Lowery), a representative of the company for whom the robot was made, find it has been stolen. They search for Thor, the robot and Ernst through a series of cliff-hanging adventures as Ernst struggles to gain control of the robot and the full supply of metalogen needed for its production.
Robert Lowery
Carole Mathews
Ralph Morgan
George Macready
Willie Best
Jack Ingram
Anthony Warde
Eddie Parker
Ray Corrigan
Bud Osborne
  Chapter Titles
1. The Mechanical Terror
  2. The Edge of Doom
  3. Flames of Fate
  4. The Fatal Search
  5. Rocks of Doom
  6. A Friend in Disguise
  7. A Scream in the Night
  8. Death in the Dark
  9. The Secret Tunnel
  10. Forty Thousand Volts
  11. The Mad Professor
  12. Shadows of Destiny
  13. The Gorilla at Large
  14. His Last Flight
  15. Justice Triumphs
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