Republic194312 Chapters
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
A superhero called The Masked Marvel battles Japanese saboteurs intent on blowing up America. He is one of four special government agents but, no one knows his identitiy except  Alice Hamilton who is to work with the agents on the smashing of the sabotage ring!

Chapter Titles:
1) The Masked Crusader
2) Death Takes the Helm
3) Dive to Doom
4) Suspense at Midnight
5) Murder Meter
6) Exit to Eternity
7) Doorway to Destruction
8) Destined to Die
9) Danger Express
10) Suicide Sacrifice
11) The Fatal Mistake
12) The Man Behind the Mask
William Forrest ...  Martin Crane
Louise Currie ...  Alice Hamilton
Johnny Arthur ...  Mura Sakima
Rod Bacon ...  Jim Arnold
Richard Clarke ...  Frank Jeffers
Anthony Warde ...  'Killer' Mace
David Bacon ...  Bob Barton
Bill Healy ...  Terry Morton
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