Rod Cameron plays Steve Lewellyn, a drifter who briefly settles down on a ranch. During a range war, Steve comes to blows with avaricious rancher Hal Fenton (Morris Ankrum). Shortly thereafter, a man is killed and Steve is implicated in the crime. He leaves town in a hurry, returning five years later to clear his name and reclaim his land. He finds that his former girl friend Sharon (Cathy Downs) is married to alcoholic newspaperman John Devore (Tris Coffin), and that Fenton now holds the commuity in an iron grip of fear. Lawman Keown (Johnny Mack Brown) can't administer justice because of the political strings pulled by the villains. With Steve's help, Keown and the rest of the town's honest citizens are finally able to swing into action, leading to a superbly staged climax. Comic actor Raymond Walburn essays a relatively straight role as the town's leading citizen.
Directed  by Lesley Selander

1950  B&W  82 min

Rod Cameron
Cathy Downs
Johnny Mack Brown
Raymond Walburn
Jonathan Hale
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