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Gaylordsville, Ct. 
Columbia                                           1955  15 Chapters
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet

Trapper Nat Coleman and government agent Ted Arnold come upon a plot to take over an African nation. Its leader, Caliph Abdul el Hamid, has been exiled from his country and replaced by a look-alike usurper allied with an unnamed foreign power. The Caliph intends to return but enemy agents Boris and Greg are out to stop him. Captain Africa a masked jungle lord, appears occasionally to aid Nat and Ted.
John Hart ...  Captain Africa 
 Rick Vallin ...  Ted Arnold 
 Ben Welden ...  Omar 
 June Howard ...  Princess Rhoda 
 Bud Osborne ...  Nat Coleman 
 Paul Marion ...  Abdul el Hamid 
 Lee Roberts ...  Boris - Henchman 
 Terry Frost ...  Greg - Henchman 
1. Mystery Man of the Jungle! 
2. Captain Africa to the Rescue! 
3. Midnight Attack! 
4. Into the Crocodile Pit! 
5. Jungle War Drums! 
6. Slave Traders! 
7. Saved by Captain Africa! 
8. The Bridge in the Sky! -- Re-Cap Chapter 
9. Blasted by Captain Africa! -- Re-Cap Chapter 
10. The Vanishing Princess! 
11. The Tunnel of Terror! -- Re-Cap Chapter 
12. Fangs of the Beast! 
13. Renegades at Bay! -- Re-Cap Chapter 
14. Captain Africa and the Wolf Dog! 
15. Captain Africa's Final Move! 
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