Vanadas Productions, Inc.
in association with
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Television
NBC (Tuesdays 10:00pm EST)
Created by Executive Producer  Paul Monash
Produced by Charles Russell
Associate Producer 
Arthur H. Singer
the series aired on MBC from
30 episodes made each 60 min
In this crime drama series Mark Richman stars as former mob lawyer Nicholas Cain who is now bent on tracking down the kingpins of organized crime.
Having accumulated damming data on an even hundred of the nation's
top gangsters, he brings one to justice each week.
This is the complete series on 13 discs in broadcast order
DVD Only   $85.00
Canada  $105.00
Overseas  $140.00
DVD $ 85.00
CANADA  $ 105.00
OVERSEAS $140.00