This is the complete Circus Boy tv series on 10 Discs.
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A Norbert Production
in association with
Screen Gems Television, a subsiduary of Columbia Pictures for
NBC (Sundays 7:30 EST)(Sept56-Sep57)
(36 episodes)
ABC (Thursdays 7:30 EST)(Sept57-Sep58)
(13  episodes)
Executive Producer Herbert B. Leonard
Produced by Norman Blackburn
Associate Producer Douglas Heyes

US Family Western series 1956-58 
49 episodes x 30 min bw
This is the complete series in broadcast order:
Disc 1: Meet Circus boy; Fabulous Colonel Jack; Great Gambino;Amazing Mr. Sinbad; Corky & the Circus Doctor
Disc 2: Casey Rides Again; Little Fugitive; The Proud Pagliacci; White Eagle; The Little Gypsy
Disc 3: The Masked Marvel; The Good Samaritans; Daring Young Man; Farewell to the Circus; Elmer the Astronaut
Disc 4: The Remarkable Ricardo; Big Top Angel; The Return of Colonel Jack; The Knife Thrower; Joey's Wedding Day
Disc 5: Man from Cimarron; The Great Gambino's Son; Corky's Big Parade; LAdy of the Circus; The Counterfeit Clown
Disc 6: The Pawnee Strip; The Cub Reporter; General Pete; The Tumbling Clown; Death Defying Donzetti
Disc 7: Colonel Jack's Brother; Swamp MAn; Hortense the Hippo; Fortune Teller; The Gentle Giant
Disc 8: The Little Vagabond; Elmer the Rainmaker; Royal Roustabout; Bimbo Jr.; Alex the Great
Disc9; Return of Casey Perkins;Major Buffington; The Clemen's Boy; The Magic Lantern; Dancing Bear
Disc 10: The Marvelous Manellis; Uncle Cyrus; Judge's Boy; The Return of Buffalo Bill

Mickey Braddock as Corky, Circus Boy 
(real name Mickey Dolenz)
Noah Beery, Jr. as Joey, the Clown
Robert Lowery as "Big Tim" Champion, owner of the circus
Guinn "Big Boy" Williams as Pete,
Leo V. Gordon as Hank Miller
Billy Barty as Little Tom, the Midget
Olin Howlin as Swifty
Eddie Marr as Barker
Andy Clyde as Colonel Jack (eps 2, 18, 31)
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DVD $85.00