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All but forgotten today, Crowded Paradise was one of the first in-depth studies of racial tensions in postwar New York City. Mario Alcade plays Juan Figueroa, a Puerto Rican youth who comes to Manhattan for the purpose of marrying his sweetheart Felicia Diaz (Enid Rudd). Despite running up against all manners of obstacles--most of them having to do with prejudice and misunderstanding--Juan is determined to make good in this his adopted country. The film veers dangerously towards melodrama at the climax, when a bigoted, sex-obsessed landlord (well played by Hume Cronyn) schemes to sabotage Juan and Felicia's wedding. Nancy Kelly costars as the landlord's sight-impaired wife, one of the few sympathetic Anglo characters in the film. Crowded Paradise was photographed on location by Boris Kaufman.
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Directed by  Fred Pressburger
1956  B&W  94 min
Hume Cronyn
Nancy Kelly
Mario Alcalde
Frank Silvera
Enid Rudd
Stefan Schnabel
Henry Silva

DVD $17.50
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