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This is the complete David Niven Tv Series. It comes on 3 discs w/menus.Quality is 8 or better on each episode. This show aired from Apr 1959 to Sep 1959 on NBC Tv.
Four Star-Amalfi production
NBC (Tuesdays)
Produced by Vincent M. Fennelly
US Drama Anthology series
13 episodes x 30 min bw
Hosted by David Niven
Summer Replacement Anthology series featuring Original Dramas.
The David Niven Show
Disc 1: (1) Fortune's Folly  w/ Cameron Mitchell); (2) Fortune Telling Cookie w/ Don Taylor; (3) Backtrack w/Frank Lovejoy;  (4) The Promise w/ Eddie Albert;(5) The Twist of the Key w/ Anne Francis

Disc 2: (6) A Day of Small Miracles w/ Eddie Bracken;;  (7)The Lady from Winnetka w/ Joanne Dru;  (8) The Last Room w/ David Niven; (9) Maggie Malone w/ julie London

Disc 3: (11) Sticks and Stones w/ John Ericson; (10) The Portrait w/ Carolyn Jones; (12) The Vengeance w/ Dan Duryea; (13) The Good Deed w/ Keefe Brasselle

Guest stars are listed to the right of each episode.
DVD  $28.00
DVD  $28.00
Overseas   DVD   $63.00
Overseas   DVD   $63.00
Canada   DVD   $48.00
Canada   DVD   $48.00