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In this rare crime drama ,two crooks(Cowan and Carson) put one over on their old  friend, a professional gambler(Taylor), when he helps them snag some important government documents. They then hope to sell the documents to a foreign country. The gambler gets the papersn back realizing  that he has been tricked. A series of killings occurs and he then enlists the aid of a detective (Kelly) and together they thwart the criminals' plot. All the time a snoopy journalist(Ryan) complicates the investigation and  presents an obstacle. 
From a 16mm film transfer
 Directed by James Tinling

Paul Kelly: Lt. McMullen
Kent Taylor: Millard
Sheila Ryan: Vivian
Jerome Cowan: Lynch
Renee Carson: Zita
Joan Blair: Helen
1946  B&W  65 min
DVD $17.50
DVD $17.50
Canada $31.75
CANADA $31.75
Overseas $35.75
OVERSEAS  $35.75