Hugh Beaumont put the trench-coat back on for a series of three hour-long feature films as detective Denny O'Brien, released in 1951. One interesting element  is that each film consists of two half-hour-long stories. All three films were sold to tv later on and edited into 2 half hour segments. per film.
This set contains all 3 films in the series. They are complete and uncut from 16mm film transfer.
Disc 1: Danger Zone (1951) 56 min. A freelance private eye takes on two jobs: he's hired by a woman to bid on a locked suitcase at an auction, and on the second he works with another private investigator on a divorce case--unaware that the PI is setting up him to take the fall for a murder. Directed by William Berke
co stars Edward Brophy, Richard Travis, Tom Neal, Pamela Blake and Virginia Dale
Disc 2: Roaring City (1951) 59 min A private detective gets hired for two jobs: the first is to bet on a particular fighter during a fixed boxing match, and the second is to pose as a woman's husband for an evening. Both jobs turn out to be not quite as simple as they appeared to be at first.  Directed by William Berke
co stars Edward Brophy, Richard Travis & Joan Valerie
Disc 3: Pier 23 (1951) 58 min Private detective finds himself framed for the murders of a wrestler and a crooked referee, then for the murder of a mystery man posing as a new parolee from Alcatraz. Directed by William Berke
co stars Ann Savage & Edward Brophy.

DVD Set comes on 3 discs in hardcase w/artwork

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