From the comic strip of the same name , Republic released this serial in 1939. This was the fourth in the series and last of the Dick Tracy serials. This time Tracy is after Zarnoff, foreign spy and mad scientist.Zarnoff escapes from the gas chamber and swears vengeance against the man who put him there, Dick Tracy, who must chase him down again in return.
15 Chapters
Directed by William Whitney and John English
Ralph Byrd ...  Dick Tracy
Irving Pichel ...  Nicolas Zarnoff
Ted Pearson ...  Agent Steve Lockwood
Jennifer Jones ...  Gwen Andrews (as Phyllis Isley)
Walter Miller ...  Henchman Robal
George Douglas ...  Henchman Sandoval
Kenneth Harlan ...  FBI Chief Clive Anderson [Chs. 13-15]

VHS $30.00
VHS $30.00
DVD $25.00
DVD $25.00
Chapter Titles:
1. The Master Spy
2. Captured
3. The False Signal
4. The Enemy Strikes 5. Crack-Up!
6. Sunken Peril
7. Tracking the Enemy
8. Chamber of Doom
9. Flames of Jeopardy
10.Crackling Fury
11.Caverns of Peril
12.Fight in the Sky
13.The Fatal Ride
15. The Last Stand