John Howard ...  John Keefe
Gail Patrick ...  Agnes Carren
William Frawley ...  Bright Eyes
Jane Darwell ...  Mrs. Keefe
Porter Hall ...  Anthony Pelton
Harvey Stephens ...  Michael Keefe

Howard plays the clever, crusading reporter, brother of district attorney Stephens. The brothers are constantly at odds over Howard's news-gathering methods, which tend to interfere with the wheels of justice. Among Howard's amazing tricks are a series of short-wave transmitters planted around the city enabling him to get scoops fast. This network helps him out when he is kidnaped by a big-time hood who's sick of his nosing around. A small army of ham-radio enthusiasts comes to his rescue.
From 16 mm film transfer
Directed by James Hogan
1939  B&W  68 min
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