Mascot                           1934           12 chapters
Directed by Otto Brower & Breezy Easton

Ken Williams is determined to discover the identity of the mysterious Rattler, who preys upon railroads and transportation companies like that owned by Jane Corwin. The Rattler is especially difficult to catch because of his skill at disguising himself as other people.
Ken Maynard
Verna Hillie
Syd Saylor
Edward Earle
Hooper Atchley
Al Bridge
Bob Kortman
Chapter titles

1.   The Rattler
  2.  The Man Nobody Knows
  3. The Eye That Never Sleeps
  4.  The Human Target
  5. Phantom Outlaws
  6. The Perfect Crime
7.   Tarzan the Cunning
  8. The Enemy's Stronghold
  9.  The Fatal Warning
10.  The Secret of the Mountain
  11. Behind the Mask
12.    The Judgment of Tarzan
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