DVD ONLY  $115.00
DVD ONLY  $115.00
In 1944 to 1945 Republic cast Wild Bill Elliott as Red Ryder. This
was the famed character that was created by Fred Harman in the comic strips.
There were 16 films in the Elliott series.

This set comes in 2 hardcases of 8 discs each.
Red Ryder Set #1
Disc 1: Tuscon Raiders
Disc 2: Marshal of Reno
Disc 3: San Antonio Kid
Disc 4: Cheyenne Wildcat
Disc 5: Vigilantes of Dodge City
Disc 6: Sheriff of LAs Vegas
Disc 7: Great Stagecoach Robbery
Disc 8: Lone Texas Ranger

Red Ryder Set #2
Disc 9: Phantom of the Plains
Disc 10: Marshal of Laredo
Disc 11: Colorado Pioneers
Disc 12: Wagon Wheels Westward
Disc 13: California Gold Rush
Disc 14: Sheriff of Redwood Valley
Disc 15: Sun Valley Cyclone
Disc 16: Conquest of Cheyenne
Overseas   DVD  $177.00
Overseas   DVD  $177.00
Canada   DVD  $157.00
Canada   DVD  $157.00