Universal                  1941                15 Chapters

Jim Benton (Dick Foran) is the head of a vigilante group, known as the Riders of Death Valley, organized to protect the miners from the take-over plots hatched by Joseph Kirby (James Blaine) and Rance Davis (Monte Blue.)
Dick Foran
Leo Carrillo
Buck Jones
Charles Bickford
Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Lon Chaney Jr.
Noah Beery Jr.
Jean Brooks
James Blaine  
Chapter titles:
1. Death Marks the Trail
2. The Menacing Herd
3. The Plunge of Peril
4. Flaming Fury
5. The Avalanche of Doom
6. Blood and Gold
7. Death Rides the Storm
8. Descending Doom
9. Death Holds the Reins
10. Devouring Flames
11. The Fatal Blast
12. Thundering Doom
13. Bridge of Disaster
14. A Fight to the Death
15. The Harvest of Hate
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