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IN 1946 Monogram decided to bring one of the most popular pulp characters back to the screen.."The Shadow".
They released 3 films in the series all starring Kane Richmond as Lamont Cranston alias The Shadow. Barbara Read starred as Margo Lane. Shrevvy was played by Tom Dugan in the first film and George Chandler in the last two. All good little "B" mysteries with a slight comedic overtone, they are among the hard to find films today !

1. "The Shadow Returns"..People are literally flying off balconies to their deaths and Lamont Cranston, alais The Shadow investigates a confusing jumble of murders, disappearances, phony jewels and secret formulas.
Directed by Phil Rosen and William Beaudine  1946 B&W  61 min

2. "Behind The Mask"..The Shadow is accused of murder andsets out to clear himself of the charges. Directed by Phil Karlson  1946  b&w  68 min
From 16mm film transfer

3. "The Missing Lady"....The Shadow goes after a thief that stole a jade statue and killed the owner. Directed by Phil Karlson  1946  b&w  60 min
From 16mm film transfer
This series comes on 3 discs and comes in hardcase w/ artwork
VHS comes on 3 tapes in plain white boxes.
DVD  $35.00
Overseas DVD  $65.00
Canada   DVD  $47.00
Canada $47.00
Overseas $65.00
DVD $35.00