DVD  $42.00
DVD  $42.00
1959-1960, NBC/ 1960 ABC (reruns)
27 30-minute episodes
Created by Dick Berg
Music: Elmer Bernstein
Producer: Everett Chambers
Executive Producer: William Frye

John Cassavettes
Eduardio Ciannelli as Waldo.
JOHNNY STACCATO was a pianist who sometimes played at Waldo's, a Greenwich Village jazz hangout in NYC. Staccato, a stylish, moody, TV show from 1959, that still remains a cult favorite. Johnny supplemented his income as a musician by taking on detective work, and otherwise sticking his nose in other people's business.
Most episodes were filmed on location in New York City.
Episodes In Broadcast Order:
DISC 1: 1.The Naked Truth; 2.Murder For Credit; 3.The Parents;
4. The Shop of Four Winds; 5.The Nature of the Night;
6. Viva Paco
DISC 2: 7.Evil; 8.Murder in Hi Fi; 9. Fly Baby Fly; 10. Tempted;
11. The Poet's Touch; 12. The Unwise Men
DISC 3: 13. A Piece of Paradise;
14. The Return;15. The Unwise Men; 16. Collector's Item;
17. Man in the Pit; 18. The Only Witness
DISC 4: 19. Night of Jeopardy; 20. Double Feature; 21. The List Of Death; 22. Solomon; 23. An Act of Terror;
24. An Angry Young Man
DISC 5: 25. The Mask of Jason; 26. A Nice Little Town;  27.. The Swinging Longhair
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Overseas  $ 77.00
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