The Kinkaids and the Harpers both run stage lines and are friendly competitors. Appleby is after the stage line and convinces the two owners to build a spur line to the same town. Then he has both projects sabotaged pitting the friends against each other and running them out of money

From a 16mm film transfer

Directed by Joseph H. Lewis
1940  B&W  60 min

Charles Starrett ...  Larry Kinkaid 
 Iris Meredith ...  Jean Harper 
 Bob Nolan ...  Bob Harper 
 Dick Curtis ...  Shoshone Larsen 
 Kenneth MacDonald ...  John Appleby 
 Pat Brady ...  Pat - Sons of the Pioneers 
 Edward LeSaint ...  Jim Kinkaid 
 George Becinita ...  Opache (the Indian) 
 Don Beddoe..... Tug Wilson
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DVD $15.00
OVERSEAS  $32.50
CANADA  $30.00