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Universal         1942                          15 Chapters
  Directed by  Spencer Gordon Bennet
In this serial, Wild Bill Tolliver and Missouri Benson are a pair of adventurers who ride into the vast territory of New Mexico in search of Bill's father, Henry Tolliver, who mysteriously disappeared while prospecting for gold. They soon discover that a ruthless outlaw leader, Jonathan Kincaid, owns an immense mine of gold in which he uses captured Mexican patriots, between others, to work as slaves in the mine
Wild Bill Elliott
Slim Summerville
Carmen Morales
Kenneth MAcDonald
Jack Ingram
George Chesebro
John Shay
Tom London
Chapter titles
  1. Trouble in Canyon City
  2. The Mystery of Ghost Town
  3. Danger Walks by night
  4. Hillside Horror
  5. Guns in the Night
  6. The Bottomless Well
  7. The Man in the Gold Mask
  8. When the Devil Drives
  9. The Traitor's Shroud
  10. Death Strikes at Seven
  11. Satan in the Saddle
  12. The Mine of Missing Men
  13. Danger on Dome Rock
  14. The Door that Has No Key
  15. Empire's End

DVD  $25.00
DVD  $25.00
3 Discs