Fleetwing has gone east to become a doctor and the first patient that he gets is Gabby. Gabby swallowed bad water escaping from Indians and has Indian fever. Fleetwing and Elliott know that the fever comes from the ranchers and want them to drain the bad water because it is killing the Pawnee. But the Indian agent, Warren, wants the land for grazing and is working with Clawtooth to get the Indians to move off the land because of the bad water. Warren decides to get rid of Fleetwing who does not want the tribe to move.
Directed by Howard Bretherton
1943   b&w  55 min

Bill Elliott ... Wild Bill Elliott (as Wild Bill Elliott)
George 'Gabby' Hayes ... Gabby
Tom Tyler ... Clawtooth
Anne Jeffreys ... Moon Hush
Rick Vallin ... Dr. John Fleetwing
Robert Frazer .Robert Warren
Roy Barcroft ...Henchman Laird
Charles Miller .Brown Bear 
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DVD $ 15.00
OVERSEAS  $32.50
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