58 Grove Road
Gaylordsville, Ct

Universal194013 chapters
Directed by Ford Beebe & John Rawlins

Britt Reid, alias The Green Hornet, along with his faithful valet Kato, battle the rackteering organization that has taken over all industry in the city. The Hornet and Kato tarck down the gangsters and find the leader and bring them all to justice!
From a 16mm film transfer

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DVD $25.00
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Warren Hull
Keye Luke
Pierre Watkin
Anne Nagel
Wade Boteler
Eddie Acuff
1. Flaming Havoc
2. The Plunge of Peril
3. The Avenging Heavens
4. A Night of Terror
5. Shattering Doom
6. The Fatal Flash
7. Death in the Clouds
8. Human Targets
9. The Tragic Crash
10. Blazing Fury
11. Thieves of the Night
12. Crashing Barriers
13. The Flaming Inferno
14. Racketeering Vultures
15. Smashing the Crime Ring